Let it Breath – Rejuvenate your Passion with Permissive Relaxation

Let it Breath – Rejuvenate your Passion with Permissive Relaxation

In this video, I just wanted to talk briefly about the power of taking a break, I have noticed this psychological effect a number of times, but in particular, just recently, I have been really into the women of breathing technique. It feels so fantastic. It just feels so fantastic, so relaxing. It’s just wonderful in so many ways. And I’ve been incredibly disciplined about my practice of it three times a day ever since the beginning of the New Year, just before the beginning of the New Year. And I haven’t missed a single session. And what I noticed last night, yesterday and the day before is that I found this schedule that I had been keeping up to start to feel like a bit of a strain, even though this technique I just I love how it feels that it charges me. It relaxes me. It leaves me feeling so good. And I know it has tremendous health and wellbeing benefits. And I feel those days today. I just feel so great ever since I started practicing this technique. But the thing is that even with as fantastic as this technique is, and as much as I have been enjoying it, what I noticed just yesterday and the day before is that I had finally started to feel like a bit of a chore to do these three sessions per day. It’s a fairly rigorous, rigorous schedule. It’s about 20 minutes or so every four hours. I had been doing it and that doesn’t sound like a whole lot. But to be disciplined and to pull yourself away from whatever it is that you’re working on or doing or whatever relaxation state that you might be in or whatever your hunger level is, et cetera, and all of these different things to maintain that three per day.

It was actually it’s just started to feel like a strength yesterday and the day before it started to feel like a little bit of a strain. So I decided to do this. I decided to give myself a break yesterday. I just did two sessions yesterday, and I noticed an immediate psychological effect upon waking up the next day. Since I had skipped my final session in the night, it didn’t feel like I had done my last breathing exercise quite as recently, and I actually felt more excited to do it again. I felt more inspired to do it again. I felt like the chore had sort of the chore feeling had sort of dissipated and the excitement had come back. And later on and throughout the same day of note, I’m noticing this effect again. I’m noticing that since I skipped one more session and I’m thinking now maybe I’ll just do it two times in a day for a couple of days or whatever the case may be. I’m noticing my enthusiasm is already recharging with that idea of doing it just twice a day. I feel like I’m looking forward to the next session and I’m kind of impatient to even do it. I’m feeling excited about it instead of feeling like it’s a chore again.

So the moral of this video or the point of this video, rather, I guess it’s not really a moral relativity, but the point of this video is that if you find that there’s something you love to do and you find yourself eventually starting to feel like it’s a bit of a strain and it might be working out, it might be hiking, it might be playing music, it could be anything that you enjoy. Right. But eventually, if you’re trying to accomplish a goal with it, if you’re trying to use it in some way to benefit you, you might be trying to become a great musician. And so you want to practice three times a day. Great. But and you start out the first month and you’re feeling fantastic, like, okay, I’m super stoked. And then at some point, it starts to feel like a bit of a chore. Don’t feel bad. Don’t give yourself a hard time about deciding to ease up a bit. Because what happens when you ease up, if it’s something that you really, truly do enjoy doing, is that your enthusiasm will get will be given a bit of a chance to breathe. And when your enthusiasm has a chance to breathe, it reenergizes itself. It reinvigorates itself. The absence of a thing creates the desire for a thing, the missing of a thing, the enthusiasm to experience a thing again, whereas just like anything in life, too much saturation. For some reason, our minds are designed this way, but too much exaggeration of anything, no matter how great it is, eventually balances it out, balances out your emotional reaction to it. And when your emotional reaction balances out, well, you just don’t feel about it in the same way that you once did. You might not enjoy it in the same way that you once did, but luckily, in the same way, that our emotions balance out too much, they can also balance out to too little or an absence of and recover of the enthusiasm that you once felt.

And in my case, in particular, it actually only took a day. It only took skipping two sessions. And I’m already feeling stoked about it again. So just a little tip on. The setting for the year 2021 on things that you love to do and maybe have started out and made some good progress with, but then find yourself feeling a little bit like you may be oversaturating, things may or may have gotten to the feel like a bit of a chore. That’s OK. That’s OK. Just give them a little bit of a breath and don’t give yourself a hard time forgiving those things. A little bit of a breath. And that is very key. Don’t give yourself a hard time for taking that break. Understand that that break is recharging. Phenomena, let’s call it football phenom recharging energy, that brake is recharging energy for the thing that you love doing. You are just summoning your batteries, you are reenergizing your batteries just by taking a little bit of a breather. So I hope this video has been useful to someone. If you guys like this kind of video, these little bits, these little tidbits of I don’t know if I would go so far as to call them wisdom’s, but let’s call them things that I find helpful for myself and hope somebody else will find helpful to you if you guys like this kind of video. I’ve got a few more of them and I’ll keep making them.

I know we talk about videos, but also I mean, crystal is all about the self and personal development and spiritual development and all that sort of stuff. That’s one of the wonderful things about crystals. So I think maybe this kind of video might be on point.

If you agree to a like let me know in the comments if you agree and if you hate it. Well, let me know. I’ll just focus on Crystal videos. All right. Have a great day, everybody here.

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